Sunday, May 30, 2010

Plumbing Tips

Please review the following basic Tips regarding common plumbing issues in your home or office. Our Plumbers will always be ready to assist you regarding your plumbing repair needs in the Austin TX area.

Toilet Running

A running toilet is often due to the chain on the flapper getting caught up, which blocks the flapper from creating a seal. The chain may be broken and require a replacement. The shut-off float may be lifting too high and preventing the valve from shutting off completely.

Clogged Drain

Try flushing the drain with hot water for a few minutes. You may also try a store purchased drain cleaner. Make sure to flush the chemicals out with hot water after unclogging the drain.

Faucet Dripping

Faucets may leak due to old gaskets, rings or corroded valve seats. The faucet should be taken apart. Do this by removing the handle and unscrewing the packing nut beneath the handle to expose the stem. Examine the stem. Clean it if it is dirty and replace the washer if it is flat or has a groove. If the threads on the stem are badly worn, take it to a retailer and find a matching stem for replacement.

Backed Up Toilet

 Try a plunger and flush the toilet simultaneously. If this doesn’t work try a plumber’s snake from a hardware store. When your water level is low, pour water from a bucket into the toilet.

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